name        MEPHISTO
    age        33,000
    gender        MALE
    pronouns        HE/HIM
    orientation        GAY
    species        DEMON
    temperament      CHOLERIC
    mbti        INTJ-A
    residence        HELL
    occupation     SOUL HUNTER

+ about

Twitch streamer & Artist

    height        5'8
    weight        unknown
    build        skinny legend
    skin        yes
    hair        flawless
    hobbies      playing with men, art, video games
.              ✧ ⁺ ∗ ⁺ ✧    skills        rhythm games
    abilities        Levitation, cannot be killed
    weapons        chains, scythe (magic)
    magic        Hell fire, materialization

+ lore

Mephisto is Satan's second in command and a demon strong enough he's rumored to be more powerful than Satan himself. His main duty is to hunt down and drag souls into Hell. Other times he is appointed to trap mortals in Faustian bargains.
In his spare time he enjoys taking the souls of handsome men for himself, adding to his mindless army of man-servants.

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